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The Olympian Wall of Fame will be dedicated during the 2013-2014 School Year.  On this site, you will find the nomination form for the Wall of Fame.  The forms can be emailed to cbobmoats@yahoo.com for consideration. 

Criteria for consideration of nominees are as follows:

  • All who are graduates of Columbus East High School.  Included are graduates in all walks of life such as the armed services, athletics, business, education, fine arts, government, law, literature, media, medicine, performing arts, science, etc.  This list is not intended to be inclusive.  


  • Special achievements in the nominee's area of specialization.


  • Honors, awards, or other recognition received on a local, regional, national and/or international level.


  • Community service.


  • Meritorious contributions to society in general or to a specific segment of society.


The Columbus East Alumni Association's Board of Directors will select the honorees for the Wall of Fame.  Once a nomination is made to the wall, the application will be held for future considerations.  Nominations from multiple sources are permitted.


The form can be found here using Google Docs. 





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In the spirit of Columbus East, the Association is designed to support a diversity of ideas by providing a structure for all alums to contribute not just their time and money but their passion and expertise as well. The Association is dependent on volunteers and contributors who are willing give to support to specific projects and initiatives. By working in partnership with the administration and faculty of Columbus East High School, the Association will find ways to help the school. At the same time, the Association is dependent on its members to also help find ways to lead or assist in maintaining the unique Olympian experience which supports individual initiative in the name of service.

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